Coaches Application Form 2023 /2024 (Paris Minor Hockey)

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Contact Information
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Team Applying For
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Coaching Certification (Please indicate all certificates you currently hold)
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PMHA Experience
Philosophy & Objectives
  1. If accepted to a coaching position by PMHA, I agree to abide by the Manual of Operations, The PMHA Constitution, The Rules and Regulations of our Governing body (OMHA) as well as follow all the goals and philosophies outlined therein, including upgrading my NCCP level, if required and abiding by any Dress Code specified for Coaching Staff and Players.
  2. I agree that if I am not in good standing financially or if sweaters have not been returned from a team I was involved in the previous year, I will not be considered in any capacity within PMHA until it has been rectified.
  3. I agree to provide PMHA with a current Police check upon being given a team.
  4. I agree that the information provided in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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Human Validation