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Jan 20, 2019 | midget4 | 439 views
Winter arrived just in time for Wainfleet tournament
Our LL4 Wolfpack team participated in this weekend’s Wainfleet hockey tournament.  Weeks before the tournament, in reviewing the game schedule, our team was happy with the timing of our three round robin games as they seemed to be in our favour, with no early, nor any late games.

The opening game of the tournament was scheduled between our Paris Wolfpack versus Southwest Middlesex Bullets on Friday afternoon at 3:00pm.  

A large crowd gathered for the first game of the tournament to take in any opening ceremonies; unfortunately, there were no announcements, official puck drop, national anthem, nothing to commemorate the start of the tournament unless you count the referee who performed an impressive one skate in the air backwards glide for the full duration of the rink to the applause and laughter of all spectators.

As our team warmed up for the first game, many of us were learning that Lucas Cooper was going to be sidelined from playing in the tournament, on account, of incurring a concussion in a high school hockey game.  This was going to be a disadvantage to our team, as our team was already missing out on Jonah Hunks who is still recovering from his shoulder injury.  However, our players were pumped to have Jonah watching the team for Friday’s game and he shared some words of advice and encouragement for his teammates before the game.

Our Wolfpack team pounced at puck drop and skated hard from the first whistle and did not let down until the last whistle of the game.  This intensity gave them an edge over the Bullets and it showed, as in the first period we held down our opponents to only a single direct shot on our net.  With the end of the initial period the score remained at 0-0, to offer both teams to share a point for the period.

The Bullets in starting the second period increased their puck possession and improved their shooting accuracy enabling them to increase their shots on net to 10 in this period; however, for every shot that Southwest had on our net we had 3-4 times more on their net.  Southwest’s goalie was being riddled with pucks from our players with no end, incredibly he withstood all of our chances from both our forward and backward lines.  Once again, both teams would have to settle for a ½ point for the second period as we end in a 0-0 score.

As we commenced the final period both teams were searching for a goal that could very well be the one and only winning goal of the game.  Our team was given a 2 man power play at the 3:06 minute mark of the period, as two players from the Bullets were given roughing penalties for protecting their goalie.  In reviewing the game sheet, it ended up the two penalized players were brothers, a Kodak moment for the two in the penalty box.  Although, our team had some great scoring chances, Carlos said it best that our “team just couldn’t even buy a goal,” and Southwest did a good job on killing their two penalties and holding on to the 0-0 score.

With a minute and six seconds remaining in the game, it looked like this game was going to end in a no score result, until the Bullets with a surprising, blazing shot beat Caleb, top corner to score.  Although, with 51 seconds still to the final buzzer, Wolfpack pulled all stops and rushed into the Bullets zone in a final attempt to score but the buzzer cut short their final chance.

As coaches were shaking hands at the end of the game the Bullets coach said,what we were all thinking, in that they may have won the game but we definitely outplayed them.

Congratulations to Caleb Hunks for being named “Player of the Game,” for our first game of the tournament.

The next morning our Wolfpack team returned for a 10am game against Aylmer Flames and once again we soon learned that we were going to be down another player as Josh Hicks was ill and would not be able to play on Saturday.  This was going to make for some quick line calculations this included Deryk Rosebrugh making a move up to our forward line which we would later learn to prove beneficial in our game.  Deryk’s sheer size in front of the goalie was helpful for our team as he was able to screen the goalie and he was unable to be pushed off the puck from the other team.

The opening period was a balanced game between the Flames and Wolfpack, in fact, our players were able to cut off the flames and only have 7 shots on our net, resulting in a no scoring first period.

The second period our players put on a great show with some impressive plays, including a rush by our defenceman Jackson Thibodeau who skated end to end and had a hard shot on net, that created rebound shots by Spencer, Kaleb and Fletcher before the goalie was able to trap and hold the puck for a needed whistle.

Riley McLelland, on defence, was instrumental in our zone with knocking off our opponents from the puck and he was seen low and battering off players, in a football style stance, with some of his knocks so hard that I was expecting a referee to throw a flag on the ice, indicating a foul.

Midway in the second period the Flames earned the first goal of the game, allowing them to take the first lead of the game.  This lead was only doubled with 50 seconds into the start of the third period as Aylmer scored to widen their lead to 2-0.

Wolfpack dominated the remaining third period and showcased this by the rushes and ability to hold the puck in our opponents zone with the point of scoring, our first goal would come at the 3:19 remaining minute mark of the last period as Paris made a 3 way scoring play, with a goal by Deryk, with assists by Fletcher Adam and Kaleb Marin, respectively.

Throughout the game Aylmer held a forward player at our blue line; however, our defence were not fooled by this strategy most especially by Cameron Hussey who kept his eye and proximity to these players to shut down this strategy.

As the game was winding down Aylmer was thinking they were going to have a win over Paris; fortunately, for us Evan Shipp received a pass from Riley McHutchion off the face off and a shot from the corner slipped by the Flames goaltender, tying up the game at 2-2.

A final attempt at winning the game our defenceman Josh Racette took a shot at the red line and took the Flames goaltender off guard and the puck bounced around his equipment as he lost it, the puck almost found the back of the net.

As the buzzer sounded the end of the game, Paris would have to settle for a 2-2 tied game.

Congratulations to Deryk Rosebrugh, for being named “Player of the Game,” and a happy birthday to Deryk as he turns 16 years old, this coming Wednesday, Jan. 23/19.

Our third round robin game, was the final game of the round robin series, so a lot of teams were watching our game to find out what the end results would be and which teams would have enough points to move on to the quarter finals.

Our coaches were blunt with our players leading into the game, we had to win periods and win the game in order to continue playing in the tournament on Sunday.

Our third game started like each of our previous games in that we played strong in the first period and did not allow any goals through; unfortunately, our team was unable to gain goals for our team, neither.

Caledonia Thunder 2 made sound waves in the second period by scoring twice, their first goal when our team was most vulnerable as we were seconds short from killing off a penalty, while their second goal came with just 17 seconds remaining on the clock.

Paris showed a lot of drive and determination in the 3rd period this can be demonstrated by Spencer Noseworthy’s relentless backchecking and Jaden Larry’s breakaway creations as he poked away the puck from unsuspecting defence.

As much as our team played hard, Caledonia equally played and were able to earn two goals in the 3rd period, one goal while we sat a player in the penalty box and a late goal to secure their lead to win the game 4-0 against our Wolfpack.

Congratulations to Joshua Racette for being named "Player of the Game."

Although, our team were disappointed we weren’t moving on in the tournament our coaches and spectators were impressed and proud of how much better they have become as a team, their passing and camaraderie have made them an impressive group of players.

Congratulations to Riley McHutchion for having a fantastic tournament and being named “Player of the Week.”

In reviewing the final game of the tournament, North London Nationals won the Midget division of this year’s Wainfleet hockey tournament against West Nippissing Sting with a final 7-1 winning score.

Kevin Noseworthy