Job Descriptions (Paris Minor Hockey)

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PMHA Job Descriptions


Past Past President




OMHA Convenor

League Convenor

The duties of a team convenor are as follows:

  • Receive a list from the registrar of all the players and their contact information for division which you are convenor of
  • Insure all mass emails recipients are BBC copied
  • Contact all players in your division with representative team tryout dates and local league skate times
  • Make sure rep coach has a list of the players for try outs
  • Make sure local league coaches have a list of players for team selection
  • Attend rep tryouts confirming attendance
  • Attend local league skates and organize on ice help
  • Organize local league team selection
  • Confirm with local league coaches that they feel the teams are fair and have them initial roster
  • Provide registrar with team roster including coaching staff
  • Provide contact information of the players to the coaches
  • Assist coaches with questions and concerns
  • Familiarize yourself with PMHA (Paris Minor Hockey Association) and OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) rules
  • Assist in teams resolving conflicts and concerns
  • Act as correspondent between the coaches and the PMHA Executive
  • Attend PMHA Executive meetings as required

Ice Convenor

The duties of a Ice Convenor are as follows:

  • Review past season ice requirements to forecast next season's ice requirements
  • Prepare a list of PMHA ice requirements and present to the Executive Members for assistance in arranging season ice contracts with the County of Brant (Brant Sports Complex)
  • Assist Tournament Coordinator/Hosts in establishing ice allocations required for all PMHA run tournaments
  • Assist in scheduling of Rep team tryouts and Local League team evaluations
  • Schedule of all divisions practice ice - ensuring optimal usage of available ice times
  • Schedule all regular season games (Southern Counties and Grand River Local League)
  • Coordinate OMHA playdowns and contracts with Southern Counties Convenor
  • Manage the schedule for all Southern Counties and Grand River Local League Round Robin play leading up to playoffs
  • Utilize TheOneDB and ensure links with PMHA usage of MB Sports Website currently in use
  • Assist in buying and canceling of all PMHA ice rentals in a timely fashion
  • Assist in review of all ice contracts with the County of Brant for payment by appointed Registrar
  • Attend monthly PMHA executive meetings
  • Be the liaison with all Southern Counties and Grand River Local League Ice Convenors to resolve ice scheduling conflicts
  • Be the liaison with all PMHA coaching staff to coordinate cancelation and re-scheduling of games during season
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by the current Executive Committee or the President
    • This position is a paid position - determined each year by current year Executive Members at the budget forecast meeting
    • This position does not have to be filled from within the PMHA voted Executive


Equipment Manager

Tournament Convenor/Director

The duties of a tournament convenor/director are as follows:

  • Responsible for the assistance and coordination of all PMHA (Paris Minor Hockey Association) tournaments
  • Responsible for updating PMHA Executive Members of all PMHA tournaments including simple financial statements at the end of all tournaments for the Treasurer to record
  • Ensure all PMHA tournaments are registered with OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) and receive OMHA approval using OMHA Tournament Sanction Application Form.
  • Use reference to OMHA Tournament Package File for OMHA guidelines.
  • Ensure all PMHA tournaments adhere to OMHA tournament rules and regulations in case of OMHA tournament audit
  • Ensure that the current coaching staff are aware of OMHA Current Season Tournament Listing Link  at the beginning of each season.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by the PMHA Executive or the President.

Fund-raising Director

Referee In Chief/Assignor


The duties of the Referee In Chief/Assignor are as follows:

  • Shall ensure that all games under the jurisdiction of the Association are officiated by competent, responsible individuals who conduct themselves in accordance with the official rules of the game and the policies and procedures of the Association.
  • May or may not be a referee or game official, but must have full comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to game officials.
  • Assign or ensure a responsible substitue is delegated to assign appropriate officials for all league, play-off and exhibition games under the jurisdiction of the Association (i.e. House League and Representative League)
  • Assigns and schedules officials for Association tournaments in coordination with the Tournament Coordinator.
  • Use of approved Officials software from Association.
  • Responsible to coordinate with OMHA Referee-In-Chief for assignment of OMHA representive games.
  • Advisor for the Association on all matters pertaining to rules & regulations.
  • Recruitment and training of qualified officials for the Association.
  • Recommend and organize Referee Clinics as required and/or by the Association.
  • Attend monthly Association Executive meetings as necessary.
  • Assist in coordinating training programs for all referees.
  • Shall be responsible to review for approval a schedule of game fees to the Association in accordance to the rules & regulations governing the Officials.
  • Coordinate Officials meetings and report back to Association Executive Committee if need be.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by the Association Executive Committee or the President.


    Door Attendants