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Paris Minor Hockey Association will continue to work on improving our Pre-Novice Program for the 2018-2019 season by implementing the new Hockey Canada Pre-Novice Half Ice Mandate.

This is a program designed for kids to learn the basics of hockey in a safe & fun environment.


The Pre-Novice Program will now be broken into 3 age groups IP 1 (generally 4-5 year olds) & IP 2 (generally 5-6 year olds) & Tyke (7 year olds)


IP 1
- this will be designed for the first timers.  Focus is on the basic fundamentals of hockey such as skating, passing and shooting in a fun environment with some small 1/2 ice games. Players in Jr IP are typically 4-5 year olds, by December 31st; who are learning to play hockey.  Players will be on the ice twice per week.  (BIRTH YEARS - 2013-2014)


IP 2 - this will be designed typically for second year players or those who have the ability to skate forward on their own.  Players will continue to build on the fundamentals of Jr. IP with a little more structure, skill development & introduction to cross ice games.  The program will follow the guidelines outlined by Hockey Canada.  Players in Sr. IP are typically 5-6 year olds, by December 31st; who are second year players.  Players will be on the ice twice per week. (BIRTH YEARS - 2012-2013)  

Tyke - this program is designed for third year players or those players that have the ability to skate forwards and backwards and have the ability to stop and maneuver (turn). 
The program will follow the guidelines outlined by Hockey Canada.  Players in Tyke are 7 years of age as of December 31st.  Players will be on the ice two times per week and compete in cross ice  games against other centres running similar Tyke programs. (BIRTH YEARS - 2011)

All pre-novice players will be evaluated at the start of the season so that players are properly slotted/grouped with players of similar skill sets to aid in their development.


"Players assigned to Tyke team will have an additional fee to offset the costs associated with the Tyke Program".  

Our season runs from late September/early October until the end of March and the kids are on the ice 2 times per week


Ice Times:
     · IP 1 (IP Arctic Wolfpack) | Thursday (5pm-6pm) and Saturday (8am-9am)

     · IP 2 (IP Timber Wolfpack) | Thursday (6pm-7pm) and Saturday (9am-10am)
     · Tyke | Monday (6pm-7pm) and Saturday (10am-11am) w/away game tbd


Jr./Sr. IP Cost - $475 per child/per season - REGISTRATION  ** 2018/2019 registration opens June 1st, 2018 **

Tyke Cost - $475 per child/per season - REGISTRATION  ** 2018/2019 registration opens June 1st, 2018 **

  • The extra fee associated once evaluated and approved for TYKE will be $60.00 this season.

**NOTE:  For registration purposes, please register your child in Pre-Novice Program for all levels and we will allocate internally once evaluations have been completed to slot/group players of similar skill sets to aid in development**

Frequently asked questions:


  1.  What if my child is enrolled for the first time and does not want to play, can I get my money back?  Yes, refunds are granted
       on a pro rata basis-no refunds after Jan 1st of the current hockey season


  2.  My child is new to hockey, how do I know what age group they will be placed in?  Coaches will evaluate skills and place your
       child with the appropriate group of players


  3.  My child is 7 and never played hockey before, where should they start?  Typically 7 is Novice age but with the Tyke program,
       exception can be made to start your child out in the Pre-Novice Tyke Program and then progress them from there


  4.  What equipment is required? Full protective hockey equipment is required including a neck guard & mouth guard. Team
       jerseys and socks will be provided after the start of the season  For more information OMHA Parents Guide


  5.  What if I can’t afford to enroll my child in hockey? There are assistance programs available that we can direct you to.  Please
       visit Can We Help or Jumpstart

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